Passing Patterns

By David Johnson –


This session will focus on passing and game like patterns of play.  The focus needs to be on proper weight and direction of the pass and the quality of the runs.  The focus is also on moving without the ball.  This should be done as close to game speed as possible.  Communication including calling for the ball and what areas are open such as calling “line” are critical.   Over emphasis is very critical for players to remember not only the passing patterns but the verbal commands as well.

Diagram 1

Set Up

There are 2 lines facing each other with 2 players facing the line with the ball.  The drill begins with the players nearest the ball calling for the ball.


The first pass is to the nearest player.   The passing player moves to the right or the left opening up space for a pass back.   This determines the angles of the rest of the drill.  The second player checks to the same line as the passing player.  The ball is played back to the original player.

Diagram 2

The next movement is for the player to pass a long ball to the checking second player.   Once that pass is made the original player makes a diagonal run through the space calling for a return pass.   The player on the line plays it to the feet of the diagonal run.

Diagram 3

The drill then flips to the other line and the drill flips.   The most important movement is the first decision by the passing line as to the which direction they go – that determines which line the pass is made to and what angle the diagonal run is made.

Diagram 3

Coaching Points

  • Change the middle two players frequently. Every minute or so
  • Passes must be weighted properly and sent to the correct foot of the receiver
  • Remind players of in game situations where this is valuable and how the decisions of your teammates affects your decisions and options.

By David Johnson

David Johnson has been a high school coach for more than 20 years.

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